The Best Key Lime Poke Cake

Hi readers! Today marks my husband and I’s 5th wedding anniversary! It’s crazy how fast 5 years goes by. Is anyone else celebrating an anniversary soon? I’m going to share an amazing (and easy) key lime poke cake recipe with you!

It rained on our wedding day but, the sky looked AMAZING afterwards.

Our wedding cake consisted of 2 flavors- traditional vanilla and key lime! When we did our tasting, we fell in love with the key lime flavor. Truly the best cake I’ve ever had.

As it grew closer to our 1 year anniversary, we started to think of traditions we could do each year. Typically couples save the top tier of their cake for their 1 year anniversary. We moved across country after our wedding and we figured cake wouldn’t travel well. I went to good ol’ Google for some recipes. and found this cake recipe. We’ve been baking it every anniversary. I thought I would share it with you today 🙂

Key Lime Poke Cake

delicious key lime poke cake

It’s pretty simple to make and I usually have most if not all of the ingredients already. I wasn’t able to find strawberries at the store so it looks somewhat plain. I promise it does NOT taste plain.

**Thank you to Betty Crocker for the recipe!

I hope you enjoy this delicious key lime poke cake! Let me know what you think!


Featured Photo by Jessica Lewis on Unsplash

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