Blog Resources

Blog Resources

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Hi everyone! Here are some helpful resources for building your blog. I have used them in my blog and I highly recommend them!



I recently switched to SiteGround to host my site. It was extremely easy to get my site set up with them. It didn’t take me long to become familiar with their layout. They helped me transfer my site which was a huge relief. I had searched for hours and hours on how to switch it myself. My site was ready in TWO days!

They have multiple different hosting options. I am using the WordPress hosting. I can easily access my settings as well as my site from my account on SiteGround. Their customer support is by far the best I’ve ever had. They are available 24/7- how awesome is that? They are friendly and will do what it takes to make sure your issue or concern is resolved.

Try them today- you won’t regret it!

Social Media


Tailwind is an amazing tool that allows you to schedule your pins on Pinterest. After you schedule your pins, Tailwind will automatically pin them for you at the best times in order to drive more traffic to your site. It is super easy to use and scheduling doesn’t take long at all.

You can also schedule on Instagram! You can schedule photos and videos as well as use their hashtag suggestions to engage your audience.

Pinterest Plus as well as Instagram Plus are both $10 a month when you pay the yearly fee. There is also a FREE trial which allows you to try all of the features that Tailwind offers. You can schedule up to 100 pins on Pinterest and 30 posts on Instragram during the trial! They also don’t require a credit card for the trial so you won’t have any surprise fees show up on your account.

You will love how easy and effective Tailwind is!

Legal Templates

Legal Bundle

Are you wondering what legal pages you need on your blog? I found an affordable and easy legal bundle that will have your blog protected in minutes! It only took me 20 minutes to customize and add these to my blog. Read my post here which explains more about what is included in this bundle.

I hope these resources for building your blog help you as much as they helped me!


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