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Hi readers!

This is my first blog EVER! I’m pretty excited! I have never been one who enjoys writing. I always dreaded it in school. Write an essay? No. Write a 10 page paper your professor won’t even read? No. Write a book summary? Please, no. So for me to write a blog is kind of a big deal.

Lately I’ve been feeling like I need something. I have plenty to do at home and a toddler definitely keeps me busy. I have hobbies that I love but I needed something new. I’ve read blogs written by other moms and I always love what they have to say. It’s relatable, honest, and provides a sense of community. Perhaps it’s being quarantined and not having much social contact. But the other day I was like hey I’m going to do a blog. Well, here we are!

My blog will be mom related topics of course. I’ll have a mix of recipes, workout tips, books, shows, and an assortment of what I find interesting 🙂

I am open to comments and tips especially since I’ve never done this before. I hope you all enjoy!

Thanks for joining me!

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